Study & Illustration

Course Objective:

Illustration is a visual way to portray or a visual explanation of a written text. This might help to explain an idea or tell a story or provide decoration. This can be in many forms both traditional and digital.

Course Syllabus

Study & Illustration techniques- Study from life full-figure, Drawing from Nature- observation and rendering in different media. memory drawing from nature, understanding of Basic Illustration techniques, rendering in pencil, monochrome, color and ink, product rendering.

Study & Illustration for different type of Job work- Outdoor study- Outdoor sketching with specific purpose, architectural man-made Job work and natural objects. Project study in depth of man-made and natural objects- animals, trees, flowers, architectural features, sculpture, textile, furniture etc. Story based illustrations and other related job work. Illustrations for Newspaper, Magazine and Books.


12 Sep


Department of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts, BHU