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A Curtain Raiser In The Field Of ART I feel immense pleasure in rejuvenating myself. Let's start from 1989, i.e. after clearing my intermediate examination with mathematics. I never had any bent of mind towards art, like other children even I used to make drawings in my science and Biology copy and the thought remained till there only.


(1) I had the habit of writing from many days. During the work of Applied Art for the publicity of the works of the clients I inherited the quality of press reporting and its real utilization is being done now which reflects from some of my articles on Visual Art, Photography etc..

(2) I have a typical thing which works within me I,e, when I take the decision to do a certain thing then inspite of all types of hurdles however grave they be I complete it. There comes no inactiveness in my work.

(3) I have another quality in me i.e. I have the capacity to work alone on different types of works, and I utilized this capability fully while my stay in Chandigarh and am doing in presently too like Writing/ studyting/ teaching/ project/ research/ taking party in competitions/Experimented drawings/photography and many more works.

(4) I give importance to new techniques and without caring for the result work on it. And the witnessing example is my office chanber. My way of teaching/ and my works in the field of art.