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Department of Applied Arts Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi -221005
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA,
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Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Course Objective:

This is an introductory course which aims to introduce the students about Visual Communication from its most basic level or foundation. Visual communication is the conveyance of information and ideas in forms that can be seen.  This is a creative process that combines the visual arts and technology to communicate ideas.


Course Syllabus

To familiarize students with the basic concepts of drawing, design, color, symbols, clay modeling, perspective and printing and Geometry as practical subjects and History of Visual Art and Design in which Elements of Design, Layout and Print Media are as theoretical subjects.

Introduction to the broad spectrum of Visual communication that includes signs, typography, industrial design, graphic design, advertising, illustration, and electronic resources.


Reference Books:

  1. Handbook of Applied Arts- S. K. Luthra
  2. Advertising Art & Ideas- G.M. Rege
  3. Handbook of Typography- Kailas Takle
  4. Basic Typography- John R. Biggs
  5. Introduction to Typography- O. Simon
  6. Alphabets for Graphic Designer and Architects- Eugen Nerdinger
  7. Akshan Mudran Shastra- Chandrashekhar Mishra
  8. Vigyapan Taknik – O. Simon
  9. Alphabets for Graphic Designer and Architects- Eugen Nerdinger
  10. Akshan Mudran Shastra- Chandrashekhar Mishra
  11. Vigyapan Takneek avam Prayog- Dr. Narendra Singh Yadav
  12. American Graphic Design Journals
  13. American Poster Design Journals
  14. Foundation of Advertising, Theory & Practice- S. A. Chunawala
  15. Advertising Planning, Implementation & Control- David W, Nyler
  16. Advertising Principles & Practice (V-edition)- Wells Burnet Moriarty
  17. Advertising Media A to Z- Jim Surmanek
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