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The Workshop explores a variety of Communication design outlet such as traditional communication media, new communication media. Mentors will discuss the theory, philosophy, practical approach and implementation of such media in the practical world to solve design problem.

Learning Objective: Student will participate and developed skill in the major phases of conceptualization design and implementation of a communication design solution to a real world problem. Student will able to use iterative approached to problem definition and framing, user research, analysis, synthesis, prototyping and communication of the plan.

Learning Outcomes: Demonstrated ability to begin with the problem space and create communication design solution to Resolve the problems by creating new potential solution.

Workshop Module:

  • Communication Design:
    • Context, Process, Design realization.
    • Self and professional development in design.
    • Element, concept, tools and techniques of design principle.
    • Emphasizing on creative deliberation of ideas.
    • Nurturing the competence of talented young minds through advance idea of communication design.
  • Illustration:
    • Defining own voice and visual language.
    • Exploring story boarding.
    • Exploring comics, graphic novel.
    • Understanding illustration with client led project.
  • Photography:
    • Introduction with the wide variety of Photography genres.
    • Landscape.
    • Still Life.
    • Utilization exposure lighting and lenses on camera.
    • Uses of manual mode of camera.
    • Demonstrate skills that enhance photographer in work flow and image editing.